18 in '18

Our goal is to enable 18 charities in 2018 to accept crypto

Also, we have a big list of things to help accomplish in this space including

  • Board and trustee crypto education
  • Use the public blockchain to improve charity transparency
  • Improve verification to give donors comfort knowing their gift is going to the right public key
  • Authenticate QR codes so donors know their gift is going to the right spot
  • Improve security awareness around holding crypto at a charity



Partner with global charitable organizations to get support where it is needed most. 


Work closely with government officials to help support tax advantaged crypto giving.


Collaborate with executive teams to make the most of charitable spend.  

About Us

How We're Helping

We are an organization focused on helping charities help themselves by accepting crypto donations. Whether it's Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, we help make it happen.

For Charities

Make it easy for your supporters to give. Wheather it's adding a donate bitcoin button to your website or adding a QR code to a t-shirt, we have you covered. 

For Donors

Support the cause you love and, if eligible, get a tax deduction without realizing capital gains tax. A win for both you and your charity. 

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